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Indonesia Youth Agriculture Forum

Indonesia Youth Agriculture Forum (IYAF) is a place where Indonesian youth meet & discuss to make a solution for issues related to agriculture in Indonesia.

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Village Concept Project

VCP is a social project which aims to improve the living standard of rural communities in terms of agriculture, education, and environmental sectors.

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Agroschooling is a social project of IAAS LC UNPAD, established in 2012 aims to raise children’s awareness of the importance of agriculture, environment, and health through education and simple practices taught in the school for months.

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Exchange Program

Our members are connected by the student exchange program. We provide the opportunities to have an internship experiences and learn from agricultural based and related companies across the country members through 3 types of exchange program; Archimedes, Ceres, and Libertas.

Here are our partners from Global Partners, National Partners and Local Partners that help us giving our best dedication for better youth, society at agriculture, education, and environmental sectors.

About Us

International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences (IAAS) is a student organization for agricultural students worldwide based in Leuven, Belgium which was established in 1957. This organization is not associated with state government, any international bodies, and does not interfere with political affairs. IAAS is known in the UN as an NGO (nongovernmental organization). IAAS provides a place where agricultural students can realize their aspirations through various activities in the field of agriculture. Through the programs of IAAS, agricultural students are trained to sharpen their skills in problem solving that can be used in finding solutions for the complications that the world faces. Furthermore, this organization also facilitates the process of information transfer between students globally. IAAS LC Unpad is one of eight Local Committee under IAAS Indonesia. IAAS LC Unpad is located in University of Padjadjaran, Jatinangor, Sumedang and founded 23 years ago. We are always trying to develop our programs every year. Furthermore, with the motto of "Think Globally, Act Locally", we are generating our programs such as Village Concept Project, Agroschooling, IAAS Conversation Club, Superbowl and many more.


Meet our team!

Muhammad Aditio

Control Council of Local Commitee

Deilla Tsamrotul Fuadah

Executive Secretary

Mulhammad Lutfy Alby

Coordinator of Project Department

Syifa Nabilah Subakti Putri

Coordinator of Science and Technoology Development Department

Imlan Siddiq

Coordinator of Exchange Program Department


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