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Sustainable Development Goals and Mechanization of Agriculture

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) is a world agenda aimed at the welfare of society and earth by having a sustainable program in which there are 17 goals and 169 targets were measured with a predetermined time, one of 17 SDGs goal is to encourage the sustainable of agriculture. As we know in 2017, President Joko Widodo decides to focus on the development of the agricultural sector in order to achieve the welfare of the people in Indonesia.

Table 1. Availability of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Paddy Pre-Harvest, 2013

Equipment and Machinery Pre-Harvest Unit
2 Wheels Tractor 189.760
4 Wheels Tractor 2.992
Water Pump 140.099
Cultivator 174
Rice Transplanter 85
Total 333.110

(Source: Directorate General of Agricultural Infrastructure and Facilities, 2013)

Table 2. Availability of Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Paddy Post Harvest, 2013

Equipment and Machinery Post Harvest Unit
Combine Harvester 403
Reaper 644
Paddy Mower 3.416
Pedal Threser 135.456
Power Threser 48.064
Total 187.983

(Source: Directorate General of Food Crop, 2013)

Table 3. Area of Agricultural Land in Indonesia, 2013

Type of Land Area (Ha)
Irrigated Rice Field 4.819.525
Non-Irrigated Rice Field 3.292.578
Garden 11.876.881
Field 5.272.895
Cultivated Land Temporarily 14.213.815
Total 39.475.694

(Source: Central Bureau of Statistics Indonesia, 2013)


Based on the data, the availability of agricultural equipment and machinery in 2013 is still low for the land in Indonesia and not spread evenly in each region in Indonesia. Therefore, the agricultural equipment and machinery in Indonesia are still being developed until now. The development of agriculture in 2017 is Government’s way to achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture in accordance with SDGs’s goal, an increase in productivity of agricultural produce, through agricultural equipment and machinery improvement (Mechanization of Agricultural) optimally and evenly in every area Indonesia. The government recognizes that agriculture requires more attention and importance of increasing mechanization of agriculture in Indonesia because of SDG’s program.

The role of agricultural mechanization enhancing the power of farmers in agricultural production, some of the benefits of agricultural mechanization:

  1. Improving the efficiency of human labor
  2. Reducing the damage for agricultural produce
  3. Lowering the cost of production
  4. The quality and quantity of agricultural produce guaranteed
  5. Improving the economic growth of farmers

The benefits and advantages of agricultural mechanization has been widely demonstrated by research students, educators, and others. But the fact in the field,  agricultural equipment and machinery from government is still difficult to be accepted by the farmers, means the farmers only receive the support from the government but did not used.Agricultural equipment and machinery which will fit into the traditional agricultural areas supposed to do feasibility study and adjustment agricultural equipment and machinery to the production land used by farmers for agricultural equipment and machinery work optimally on the land. Indeed, the government socialize with local farmers in terms of the use and maintenance of agricultural equipment and machinery based on SOP, thus the mechanization of agriculture will be optimized. After the support from government accepted by farmers, further surveillance is needed so that the agricultural equipment and machinery be used properly.

Agricultural equipment and machinery is a supporter for the development of sustainable agriculture which is that was a program goal SDGs. The use of agricultural equipment and machinery can be realized optimally from the correct and proper methods of the Goverment that can be used directly by the local farmers. In order that increase the quality and quantity for the productivity of agricultural produce.


Article by :

Miftah Farid – STD IOP 18
Desty Pratiwi – STD IOP 20



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