IAAS Goes to Farm (IGTF) 2017

On 29th-30th of April 2017, we had so much fun on IAAS Goes to Farm. This event was held at Waaida Farm, Sumedang. After an introduction from Abah Tatang Kuswara, the owner of Waaida Farm, we learned about product marketing with Abah’s daughter, Teh Juwita. She is the market controller of Waaida Farm’s featured product, Golden Berry, or we usually know it as Ciplukan/Cecendet. It’s a new experience to us because Golden Berry is an expensive comodity that rich on antioxidant. Golden Berries are mentioned can help fasten the process of cancer healing.

After that, we learned about occulation and grafting on tree plants from the experts. We also took a walk on Waida Farm’s Crystal Guava plantation. It was amazing! We could eat guavas freshly picked from the trees. We also visited a paddy field that were being plowed and tried to plow the field too. We couldn’t resist the joy of playing in the mud.

The next day, we went up to Waaida Farm’s Taro and Golden Berry plantation. The trip was quite tiring, but worth the view. We enjoyed the scenery of wide farmland and rice field. We also had a direct conversation with the practitioners there.

IAAS Goes to Farm wasn’t all about learning about agriculture, but also a family time. We played games, took photos, and knew each other more. Such a great event and great family to be with!


Article by: IGTF Committee

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