IAAS Sharing Time is an event held by Project Department of IAAS LC Unpad to improve members’ knowledge about leadership skills and organization things. With the tagline “Take a Chance, Make a Move, and be a Great Leader”, IAAS Sharing Time invited the audiences, especially from IOP 21, to learn more about the importance of joining an organization and how to be a person with great leadership skills. This event, which was held on Tuesday, 21st of November 2017, invited two activists who both are still students from Unpad, Alifya Ihya Muhammad and Faris Mujahid.

The first session of IAAS Sharing Time is a talkshow session with the two speakers.There were some points highlighted during the talkshow; communication skill, confidence, and the main goal of an organization, which was to sustain the good in the world, we need well organized good people. The audiences were enthusiastic and enjoyed the whole talkshow.

The second session of IAAS Sharing Time is a Focus Group Discussion session. The participant divided into five small groups to discuss about the main theme of IAAS Sharing Time, related to the talkshow before, with the guide from earlier members from IOP 20 and above. The result of the discussion was written on a flipchart to be presented in front of the other participants.


Article by Putri Ardhya IOP 20

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