International Fruit Day : Reformation Our Food

We go through  fact that fruit consumption in Indonesia is still low. Nevertheless, salt consumption is more than limitation. This case makes problem in Indonesian’s health.

International fruit day has been established since 2007 in Germany. It is created to increase people’s awareness in consuming fruit. There are a lot of benefit by consuming fruit at least 5 portion of fruit in a week. Indonesia is one of country where rate of consuming fruit is still low. Although the are various of local fruit which have a lot of vitamin and good for health, people still don’t put their eyes into it.

Fortunately, these day people starting to aware about their health and starting a health living. With consuming fruit everyday, we are be able to prevent the health problem. Furthermore, there are so many diet programs that have being viral this year with consuming fruit.


The motto of this year is “Reformation Our Food” and the selected fruit of this year is quince.


Quince is the only member of Cydonia genus of Rosaceae family. It looks like pear, has yellow to gold color when it is ripe. Quince made 25,74% followed by rose hip (16,83%) and Cantaloupe melon with 15,84%. Quince are used in jams, liquers, wines, spirits or even oriental dishes with saffron.

There are a lot of fruit in Indonesia that can be shared with, and so the aim of fruit day. “Sharing fruit and vegetable with others at a meal to gain solidarity and create cultural exchange.”


Happy Fruit Day. Let’s eat fruit everyday!


Source: International Fruit Day, National Geographic Indonesia

Article by: Tifana Putri

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