On October 21st 2017, We’ve been finished our Village Concept Project Program in Genteng Village. This is our second year to held this event since we launched this even in 2016. This year Project Department (PD) as the department that started this project has been collaborated with Science and Technology Department (STD) to running VCP and Agroschooling program. The main reason we continue this project is to utilize and expand potential remained in Desa Genteng and become a sustainable assisted village. The theme of the project is “Utilization of Local Commodities as Processed Products Lead to Productive Village”. We want to cultivate Desa Genteng inhabitants with knowledges in agriculture, entrepreneurship, health, and education.

VCP has done for 8 weeks, and we devided into two periods (4-4). First period started from April to Mei. In the first week, we presented “Business Development Seminar”. In previous year, we collaborated with KWT (Kelompok Wanita Tani) Mentari Desa Genteng Dusun Pasirkaliki to established Citrong snack (Cheesestick Terong) to utilize wasted eggplant in there. We facilitated them to expand the business into a bigger scale with innovation in product variants. The speaker in the seminar is Mrs. Hesty Nurul Utami, SP.,MM. and Mrs. Sulistyo Dewi, SP., MP. The audiences got a chances to do Q&A session with the speaker.

On 22nd of April 2017, we held two activities, there is sanitation workshop for KWT Mentari and opening of Agroschooling 2017 in SDN Genteng. We made Citrong together with KWT Mentari that guided by Mrs. Indira Lanti as a Food Science and Technology lecturer in Universitas Padjadjaran by applying the good sanitation standard operational procedure. While in Agroschooling, we did interesting games. We made three stan and every stan has their own games, there are ecofunolpoly, spelling bee, and organic and non-organic trash challenge.

The second week of Agroschooling went smoothly, Maqua from Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Universitas Padjadjaran collaborate with IAAS to made an Aquascape in SDN Genteng. Then on 13th of May 2017, we’ve held the third week of VCP. The Seminar about “Financial Management and Marketing Technique”, the audience got to do the exercise in modul related to financial management with the speaker, Dr.Ir. Lucyana Trimo, MSIE lecturer from Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Padjadjaran.

We held the third week of Agroschooling on 19th of May 2017 at TK BPT Delima Desa Genteng. We taught the kindergarten student about many kinds of fruits and the benefit of consume fruits that have a good effects for their health. This week also be the final of Agroschooling in Desa Genteng. On the next day, we held the 4th week of VCP. We invited Mr. Wawan Sutari the lecturer from Faculty of Agriculture in Universitas Padjadjaran, he shared his valuable knowledge about medicinal herb garden called ‘TOGA’ or Tanaman Obat Keluarga. We also planted the medicinal plant together with local farmers. And this week is the last activities of VCP 2017 in the first period. And continued on the second period.

The second period started from September to October with 4 week. On September, we started the fifth week of VCP. We joined local farmers on installing plant stakes to the field and then followed by a seminar on work safety delivered by Ir. Syarif Hidayat, MP. from Faculty of Agrotechnology Universitas Padjadjaran. On the sixth week of VCP we did activities on farm with the volunteers, then proceed with seminars and workshop of making organic pesticides with Mr. Yusup Hidayat, SP., M.Phil., Ph.D and Dr. Danar Dono, Ir., M.Si. from Faculty of Agrotechnology Universitas Padjadjaran. Committee, volunteers and farmers are together with the speakers to made an organic pesticides that ‘environmentally friendly’ by utilizing the leaves like soursop leaf and microorganisms that can be obtained from corn that has been wrapped and silenced.

Activities has been started again on October. The seventh week of VCP, we did socialization about healthy life and free medical checkup. Health counseling is done by sharing session with the stakeholders accompanied by the Faculty of Nursing Universitas Padjadjaran, Mrs. Dhestirati Endang Anggraeni., S.Kep., Ners., M. Kep. In the health counseling, the Mrs. Dhesti explained about the side effects of chemical pesticide use, body adaptation with the home environment, and also question and answer session to the participants who want to consult about their health. Then performed a free health check with the committee I’m Nurse from Badan Eksekutif Mahasiwa (BEM) Faculty of Nursing Universiras Padjadjaran. The health checks include tension tests, BMI, cholesterol, blood sugar, uric acid, and also opened counseling services for participants who want to inquire about the results of the medical checkup. And the last week of VCP is the closing ceremony of Village Concept Project 2017. This activity as a gathering of kinship, gratitude, and thankful to the villagers of Pasirkaliki Village hamlets for having participated in this series of Village Concept Project activities this year from IAAS LC Universitas Padjadjaran.

This year, VCP has produce three new variants of Citrong, there are Extra Cheese, Sweet Spicy, and Lemon Spicy. The costumers were really excited to buy a new variants. We tried several ways to make Citrong looks beautiful. The package for Citrong was change into standing pouch zip plastic, and we add the new label at behind of the package, and we got the nutrition facts of Citrong and the expired date.

That’s all about the activities of Village Concept Project 2017 in Desa Genteng. We hope that all of our agenda and program either for the student or for Desa Genteng especially for Dusun Pasirkaliki got a valuable knowledge and also have wonderful experience together.

It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later, thank you so much Desa Genteng for the time and the sweet and sorrow memories. See ya!

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