IAAS LC UNPAD opens the recruitment for new member annually around August. IAAS Look For New Members 2017 was started by filling the online registration form on August 21st 2017 – September 3rd 2017. We also opened booth and had a parade on Prabu 2017 to promote IAAS LC Unpad. After online registration was closed, all the registrants should do the Interview and Focus Group Discussion stages on September 11th – 14th  2017. The selection was processed by HRD not long after the Interview. Finally, we had 60 candidate members that would go to the next stage.

In IAAS Orientation Program (IOP), 60 candidate members were divided to 6 groups to do some projects. One of the project they had to do was a campaign. The campaign was organized by the 6 groups at the several canteens of Padjadjaran University. Their goals are to pursue the students to not waste their food anymore and to promote IAAS to the entire campus. They made their own campaign poster with facts of food waste or words of persuasion to not waste the food. The campaign was documented in some photographs or video and they had to give presentation about what they had done in IOP at Building on Success (BOS). Then, they should be able to join the online campaign by posting the Snapfood in the weekend.

Building On Success was attended by IOP 21 as the final stage to become full member. With tagline “Boosting Up Your Passion in IAAS”, this year BOS was held in Vila Rasela, Kiarapayung, Jatinangor for 2 days. The honorable speakers were invited to give motivation and more knowledge to IOP 21 so they believe in IAAS as the best place for them to develop. There were Kang Rahyang Nursantara and Ka Astari Avisha as the speakers in Sharing Session and Ka Ayida and Kang Dicky as the speakers in order to give brief explanation about IAAS in the national level until world level. Then, there were performances and some games from IOP 21 at the night. In the end of the night, the IOP 21 was inaugurated in the warm of bonfire. The next day, the activity started with playing some team building games from HRD,after that there were some awards for the best group, best presentation, best video, and best member. The best group was group 4, best video was group 5, best presentation was group 1, and the best member was Achmad Dzaky.

Congratulations IOP 21! Welcome to the IAAS LC UNPAD Family.

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