February 24, 2017


EXPRONAS (Exchange Program National)

For more than 40 years, IAAS has been given an opportunity to students with a program called ExPro (Exchange Program). ExPro is a program which provides knowlege related to agirculture and International activites and it helps on creating an open minded perspective as well. The purpose of ExPro are to give opportunities which will helps student get an experience related to cultivation and technic.

ExPro has 2 programs which are CERES and ARCHIMEDES. Ceres is an exchange program which provides internship on field or cooperate on an “apprenticeship” status. And ARCHIMEDES is a program which provides internship without working on a field. Moreover, it has cooperated with research Institution which focus are on agro-industry and cosevation. ExPro Indonesia devided to ExPro and ExPronas. expro is a Student International exchange program, and expronas is Student national exchange program.


Model united nation is a project from united nation in order to solve the international issue, iaas believes that MUN should be one of our big programme to sharpen the critical thinking of IAAS members itself to have the awareness in responding the international agricultural issues that connect with sustainable development goals. This new project will be held in april 12th and 26th 2017 that collaborating with MUN-IR from international relations. All members must be include in participating this project .

This project consist of two steps, first is MUN workshop that created for the newbies, this is the opportunity for expanding the knowledge about ROP of MUN and how to joining MUN  as the basic knowledge and the final step is simulation of MUN that consist of mini moderate and unmoderate caucus and creating the draft resolution as what Model United Nations supposed to be.


IAAS LC Unpad Exchange Program Department have a project called IAAS Goes to Embassy. This year, we would like to visit The Embassy of New Zealand in Jakarta and will be held on Thursday, September 7th 2017. The total number of participant would be 60 active members in IAAS LC Unpad.

During this activity, New Zealand Embassy will provide information about the agricultural system, scholarships, cultural and social life in New Zealand. In addition, we will visit the “Museum Kota Tua” and several museums in Jakarta. Things that we expect from the implementation of this event that the participants will be more aware of the farming systems in New Zealand and have a desire to continue his studies in New Zealand.