February 22, 2017

Exchange Program

EXPRONAS (Exchange Program National)

For more than 40 years, IAAS has been given an opportunity to students with a program called ExPro (Exchange Program). ExPro is a program which provides knowlege related to agirculture and International activites and it helps on creating an open minded perspective as well. The purpose of ExPro are to give opportunities which will helps student get an experience related to cultivation and technic.

ExPro has 2 programs which are CERES and ARCHIMEDES. Ceres is an exchange program which provides internship on field or cooperate on an “apprenticeship” status. And ARCHIMEDES is a program which provides internship without working on a field. Moreover, it has cooperated with research Institution which focus are on agro-industry and cosevation. ExPro Indonesia devided to ExPro and ExPronas. expro is a Student International exchange program, and expronas is Student national exchange program.