February 21, 2017

FAQ and How to Join


Q : What is IAAS?

A : IAAS (International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Science) is the leading youth organization that concerns in agricultural and environment issues.

Q : What are IAAS’ activities?

A : Our activities are:
– VCP (Village Concept Project)
– ICC (IAAS Conversation Club)
– IAAS Super Bowl
– IYAF (Indonesia Youth Agriculture Forum) *Biannual event
– National Congress
– World Congress
– National Exchange Program
– International Exchange Program


Q : What are the requirements to join IAAS?

A : The active student of Padjadjaran University from any faculty and have a good willingness to commit and contribute in IAAS events.


Q : What are the advantages by joining IAAS?

A : You may broaden your relation and networking inside and outside University. Your soft skills  will be developed and get some opportunities of going abroad.


Q : Should I be from Agricultural faculty if I want to join IAAS?

A : No, we are open for any majority. As long as you have passion on environment, society, and everything that related with that, you will be considered to be our new member.


Q : Do I have to be an expert in English if I want to join with IAAS?

A : No, but we will improve your English skills in our projects such as ICC (IAAS Conversation Club), International projects, and many more.


Q: Does IAAS have weekly meeting?

A: No, basically meeting schedules are flexible. It depends on the projects you are joining in.


Q : How to register?

A : It is quite simple. You only need to follow these steps below:

First, Fill the online form (will be available on August). Second, you are obliged to attend the interview session. Third, for those who are selected should attend IAAS Orientation Program