February 24, 2017


Human Resources and Development Department (HRD) of IAAS LC UNPAD is a department which has responsibilities to manage recruitment for new members and maintain the bonds between members. Our aims are to produce members with good personality and increase the senses of belonging and awareness of IAAS’ members through various activities.

Various activities that managed by HRD IAAS LC UNPAD are:

  1. IAAS LC UNPAD Anniversary
    The anniversary of IAAS LC UNPAD is commemorated on 22nd March. HRD IAAS LC UNPAD celebrate the anniversary by creating interesting event on the weekend near the birthday date. We do some games, blow candle on cake as symbol, and share experiences or stories by staying a night in homestay. All IAAS LC UNPAD members and alumni are expected to come.
    IAAS LC UNPAD updated the whole family picture annually when we have new structure of our organization and new members.
    IAAS Gathering is held to maintain the bonds between members after hard times passed by to refresh our mind and re-motivated members so their productivities can be increased. We do IAAS Gathering by held Breakfasting Together or go to some places together.
    IAAS Superbowl is an annual event that held by HRD IAAS LC UNPAD. We do some sports together at that time. The purposes of the superbowl are to build new connection with other UKM and to maintain the bonds between members.IAAS LOOK FOR NEW MEMBER.
    We do IAAS LOOK FOR NEW MEMBER (IAAS LFNM) around August until September. Things we do are opening booth in Student’s Day on Prabu and spreading poster with registration link in all Faculties in UNPAD and our social media. After the candidate members fill the link, we will have interview and FGD session to do selection the potential members. At the last of IAAS LFNM, there will be IAAS Orientation Program (IOP).
  6. BOS
    Building on Success (BOS) is the last stage where the candidate member will be decided to be full member or half member. In BOS, we enhance the knowledges of candidate member about IAAS in Local level, National level, Region level, and World level