February 24, 2017


IAAS LC UNPAD’s social projects, activities,  and events are managed by Project Department (PD). As a department that focused on social activities, PD have concern to develop member’s critical thinking and way of thought to solve social issues.

We have annual projects that provide community service and development through entrepreneurship, education, and environmental practices and workshops. It divides into two annual projects which are :


Agroschooling is a program that aimed to deliver a new way of farming trough educational and fun activity. In this program, we do voluntary teaching to students (mostly primary student)  in rural area about simple and modern agriculture like hydrophonic, aquascape, and terrarium. We encourage them to having fun while educating them about agriculture importance role for the world. To succeed this program, we also gather volunteers participant from universities and highschool students in near Bandung, West Java, to get together and make some impact for young rural generation.


Village Concept Project (VCP)

IAAS LC UNPAD’s current VCP, named ‘Genteng Bagja’. It is located in Desa Genteng, a village located in Sukasari District at the foot of Mount Manglayang, Sumedang, West Java. This program, focused on social entrepreneurship based on improvement skill of the participant. By doing some educational seminars and workshops, we encourage rural community to unleash their potentials using their own local wisdom. This program offers two way benefits, by doing our social activity, we can learn their local wisdom as well. VCP goal is not only helping the rural community to develop by increasing their prosperity, but also raising awareness of young generation about the importance of agriculture.