February 24, 2017


Science and Technology Department (STD) is a one of five internal departments in the management structure of IAAS LC UNPAD, which reviews both local or even global technological and science in the field of agriculture and related studies.

Goals :
• Knowing the latest local and global science and technology in agriculture and related studies.
• Facilitate IAAS members in developing their skills, passion and knowledge especially in science and technology of agriculture.
• Sharing knowledge to other people outside IAAS.
• Participating in any kind of sciences and technology developments.

We as STD have several activities that support our members, society, and the IAAS itself in order for gain the purpose of our goals. The activities:
1. Green campaign – IAAS celebrate the day (earth day, farm day, and food day)
IAAS celebrate the day (earth day, farm day, food day) is a program to celebrate important days relating agriculture and science. Those program including commemoration campaign, socialization for public, and series of similar activity.

2. STD’s Monthly Edu-fact
STD’s Monthly Edu-fact is a program which usually tells the latest information of fact knowledge science, agriculture, technology, environment and related studies which will be announced with poster and online article which related to goals of STD’s.

IAAS SPIRIT is an event once a year about competition for college student and high school student with seminar.

4. ICC (IAAS Conversation Club)
ICC is a program that is usually held by STD where participants may have discussions and conversations even practice based on a certain topic, one of them will be held by round table discussion concept. ICC facilitates members to widen their knowledge, contribution, and ideas about that certain topics.

5. Agroschooling and VCP Education
Agroschooling and VCP is basically a program held by PD (project department) but STD here is collaborating with PD to make a agroschooling curriculum and VCP concept.

6. IAAS Goes to Livestock
IAAS Goes to Livestock internal activities IAAS LC Unpad for introduce and studying livestock by coming to cattle ranch directly in association with Unpad faculty of animal husbandry.